Auckland's Climate Action Plan

A NON-BRAINER - Convert your output to a valuable input - composting toilets


Raw sewage will flow into our creeks and harbours for many years to come. Nutrients we eat and don't convert into energy are lost in blackwater toxic sewage sludge.

Changing rules to allow for safe multi chamber composting toilets as a second/third toilet in a dwelling in urban city limits can help

- provide an alternative safe toilet function during infrastructure failures or natural disasters,
- reduce sewage overflow,
- save valuable drinking water,
- recycle valuable nutrients and nitrogen (a quite limited planetary resource),
- reduce blackwater volume and
- potentially create a number of new business opportunities (emptying and taking away fully composted humanure where owners do not want to deal with the compost and working with farmers/orchardists to return nutrients into the growing cycle).

For a trial period a "worried planners/health department safety net" could be to allow for composting toilets as secondary toilets in a dwelling.

Composting toilets beat raw sewage overflow any day - and we have plenty of these brown harbour days in Auckland!!!

Rebecca Swan 4 months ago

I love this idea and would be love the opportunity to incorporate a composting toilet in a building project we have for a new dwelling.

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Glenda Fryer 4 months ago

This would be great if public parks could use them. Hopefully in the future this will be a reality.

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Wendy Mackereth 4 months ago

This concept makes such good sense. It would be so lovely to be able to swim around the pretty Auckland beaches again. I have a Biolytix system on our farm - the worms take care of everything and their "tea" feeds my hedge. No brown beaches or waterways and only needs filters servicing @ every 9 months- a year. Thanks to a small, efficient pump, the leach lines can be laid anywhere - even uphill from the worm tank. We really need to be resourceful about lessening the existing pollution of our planet.

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Carla Gilmour 4 months ago

Amazing idea, I totally agree, it makes perfect

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Julie-Anna Child 4 months ago

Given council facilities and resources we recycle and conserve resources at every opportunity in our own household. We would love to add a secondary composting toilet - that compost would help support the health of a magnificent old Puriri we are guardians of, return to closed self supporting cultivation systems within the urban model is feasible. People must be allowed to look after themselves better and be enabled to recycle. Given the choice and tools people will recycle. Auckland Council leads the way for all other district councils.

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Brenda Hinton 4 months ago

This is a great idea! Our sewerage treatment systems are not keeping up with population growth in Auckland. I agree with all the points the proposer makes - it is so wasteful not to make use of this valuable resource and the technology is now so safe and reliable. Council needs to encourage and support initiatives like this.

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