Auckland's Climate Action Plan

The CENTRAL RAIL LINK - our biggest infrastructure project - our biggest GREEN/CLIMATE investment?

When big things change in a city, it creates a chance to harness the POWER OF CHANGE, to harness the power of investment, and the power to design and re-design.

THose involved with the CRL are going to tell us that the project has been undertaken and designed with sustainable outcomes, but will it really harness its own scale, for change on a similar scale?

The Albert-Victoria Inner-Urban Green Shared-space Park is one part of this outcomes - a huge (by AKL standards) green strip intersecting at Albert and Victoria, increasing green city living, increasing urban ngahere, increasing livability, and signalling a change to our city living environment on a scale not seen in decades.

What if we spent that much on SR1.5 goals and climate change behaviour change? 

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