Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Albert -Victoria Inner-urban Green Shared-space Park

What will be the lasting urban landscape impact of the Central Rail Link? Albert Street is currently almost closed as the trench is built. Once all the walls and temporary structures are taken down what will ahve been put back in there? Probably back to the 4 lane road again.

What if the trench was covered with landscaping - trees, grass, picnic areas, a 100 meter run track, pump track bike humps and corners...

Then connect it to Victoria Park, our premium inner city park with a wide range of facilities and access points... give life to the inner city. Give us recreation options, help us be active citizens, and promote good living, urban responsibility and reduced emissions.

How can we protect green spaces and increase green infrastructure in Auckland?

As above

Where can we plant trees and increase canopy cover in Auckland?

As above

How can we grow our urban forest?

As above


and also, by planning for and planting more forest

How can we ensure all Aucklanders have equitable access to green spaces?

by making more of them which are well planned and grow utilisation by simply being good value and systemically good


By ensuring all suburbs have them, of equal utility and quality, including localised facilities tha respond to community interests and desires 

How can we use and protect green corridors to improve biodiversity?

Create more of them and make them a critical part of our urban living expectations

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