Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Halve the fleet, and fundamentally alter the consumption profile

Climate Primate
Climate Primate | 7 months ago | in Open Ideas

Not only can we halve the private passenger vehicle fleet on the road daily - and end in itself especially as it relates to congestion, public transport efficiency gains, and commercial operations - we can also vastly improve the consumption profile of the private passenger vehicle fleet.

At the moment our fossil consumption average rate across the fleet is between 7.5 and 9 depending on approach. If we regulate and more broadly agree across the vehicle sector that no vehicles with a consumption of over 6.5l/100kms will be sold in Auckland after 2022, we achieve a change that has been a long time needed.

We currently have private passenger vehicles on the market over and above 10l/100kms. at the other end we have zero emissions cars, hybrid and a range of low consumption and low emissions cars. What we need to do is have an impact on the fleet average by shifting the dial on what is available to consumers.   

Yes, this will have an impact, but mostly positive. And, it could have been flagged 2, 5, or 10, or even 20 years ago.

That it hasn't yet been flagged with the industry or community is not really our problem today. Our problem is that we need to act urgently.

This action results in a reduced fleet, rather than a fleet increasing at something like 700 per week. More importantly it greens the fleet over a short period. 

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