Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Invest in work from home technologies and options to deliver business flexibility for climate change

Climate Primate
Climate Primate | 7 months ago | in Open Ideas

How much difference would it make in Auckland if 25% of Auckland workers worked 3 days a week from home?

What about in a specific area - what if 25% of Fonterra Auckland CBD employees worked from home 2 days a week, and 50% received a HOP CARD top up of $200/month to support sustainable commuting choices?

The technology is largely there already. Skype, facetime, phones themsleves, you know for those phonecall things. Texts even, adn of course emails which have been proven to the most efficient and effective means of business communications ever invented (they are time stamped which is legally very useful, they don't generally get lost, they fit well with our human and primate short attention span (reading a 1 paragraph email in 10 seconds results in high level of information retention)...

But there could be more technology like VR wich another submission has suggested. 

However this idea is we all do our best to promote work flexibility and working from home or satellite offices, as much as is feasible. 

This would really drive a transport change, and a consumption change.

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