Auckland's Climate Action Plan

#user pays in steroids : Public transport fares subsidised by end beneficiary - the businesses of Auckland

Climate Primate
Climate Primate | 7 months ago | in What has to change?

If -

5000 Auckland University students

2000 AUT students

20000 Ministry of Education students

4000 Council staff

2000 government officials

use public transport each day, lets have a contribution to get the fares down.

We all benefit from better fares on public transport, and we all lose traction on climate change as fares go up. Its all around the wrong way.

Gold card retirees travel free, but are in the generations who drove fossil fuel consumption to new heights. Youth and school students should travel for free to promote the future of transport mix we want! Who should pay: rate-payers yes through council and Auckland Transport, but also businesses who benefit from staff arriving not by car, adn maybe commercial operators who are not moving toward carbon neutral vehicles, logistics and transport...

E Gran 2 months ago

Completely agree. Fares are too expensive and if you have a couple work in the city, it's cheaper to drive and park then it is to get a bus or a train! Madness. Public transport should always be the cheapest commuting option.

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