Auckland's Climate Action Plan

#Ready, responsive, accountable, courageous - Auckland acts on climate change, responds to the issues, talks publicly, and takes part in the international

Auckland Council and other entities such as the CEO climate change group put together a meaningful programme of climate change related events that garner public input and support and provide a meaningful mid and long term programme of activity within which humans and primates can find their own place in climate change discourse, and change activation.

1. Global climate protest day 15 March (#Greta Thunberg). Council has 8 - 10 k employers - what will they be doing on March 15?

2. Auckland Climate Symposium March 19 (date to be confirmed): what is happening, who will be there, what are we doing, what outcomes are we driving for (#SR1.5)... what's on the agenda?

3. Auckland Climate Challenge (#2019 - yes please!)

4. Et al

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