Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Invest in regional rail and bus services

Greater Auckland
Greater Auckland | 1 month ago | in What has to change?

NZ's transport carbon emissions are low-hanging fruit, if we design ways to reduce the need for private car travel. To enable Aucklanders to live without cars, some changes are needed to our national networks, and these changes can benefit populations throughout the country too.

We need to establish regional rail and regional bus services to decrease private car trips that Aucklanders (and others) make to and within the region. Having options to travel for holidays, education, sports events and work without having to drive on our open roads would mean that the increasing number of Aucklanders who no longer use their cars for commuting to work could consider selling their cars. This would be financially beneficial - cars are expensive to own just for occasional trips.

There are many other benefits, particularly the provision of access and opportunities for people in small towns, leading to more local economic and social health. For example, youth in small towns would be able to travel to larger towns for training or work opportunities, and small towns would be able to attract national and international tourists who don't wish to drive on our open roads.

For people who wish to live in regional towns and centre, this improved access and economy opportunities allows them to continue to live in their preferred home town without a high transport carbon footprint. Benefits include that the communities and infrastructure of regional towns can be maintained instead of people having to move somewhere else where new infrastructure will need to be established for them, and where there are already population pressures, such as Auckland.

The safety benefits of reducing travel on our open roads would also be large.

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Rebecca Swan 1 month ago

I agree with this and as more people are able to work remotely this could be a way of encouraging more growth in the regions and make more parts of Aotearoa viable affordable areas to live.

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