Auckland's Climate Action Plan


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What is Auckland's Climate Action Plan?

Auckland’s Climate Action Plan will set a path to:

  • rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • ensure Auckland is prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Auckland Council has committed to lead the way, but we can't do this alone. A rapid and fair transition will need collaboration and commitment across the region. We will be working with central government, mana whenua, businesses and communities.

We need your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help us shape the plan. By working together we can develop and co-deliver a plan for a low carbon and resilient Auckland that is better for everyone.

Why do we need a climate action plan?

Auckland’s climate is changing.

We are already starting to see higher temperatures, increased drought, more intense rainfall events and sea level rise. We expect to see more change over the next 100 years. Climate change will impact on our communities, infrastructure, economy and natural environment.

At the same time, Auckland’s emissions are not decreasing. The government has signalled its intention for New Zealand to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Raising our ambitions in addressing climate change will also provide major opportunities and benefits to Auckland. This includes cleaner air and water, healthier communities and better places to live with more accessible transport and housing choice.  We made these ambitions clear in the recently approved Auckland Plan 2050. The Auckland Climate Action Plan will help deliver the Auckland Plan’s high level vision on climate change.

Auckland is committed to reducing emissions and ensuring our region is resilient to the impacts of climate change. Auckland Council has been on this journey since 2012. For more information on our progress so far, check out Low Carbon Auckland Annual Update 2017.

What can I do to make a difference?

Making changes to our everyday lifestyle choices can help us to save money, have a healthier life and care for the planet. How you travel, the energy you use, the food you eat, what you buy and waste, all contributes to the impact you have. Live Lightly offers a range of easy and more challenging things you can do to make positive change with a big impact. We believe the solutions to some our greatest challenges lie in the power of collective action. Live Lightly provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action. We don’t just supply information, but specific meaningful action you can choose to take, and resources to make it easier to break habits and empower Aucklanders to make change, one step at a time. Together Aucklanders’ actions, along with policy, infrastructure and technology, can move us towards a sustainable low carbon economy. Head to for help to make choices that are right for you and your whānau or join us on Facebook.

What is climate change?

Earth’s atmosphere is made up of oxygen, a large amount of nitrogen and a small percentage of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around the Earth. They trap warmth from the sun and make life on Earth possible. Without them, too much heat would escape and the surface of the planet would freeze. However, increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes the Earth to heat more and the climate to change.

This process is often called global warming, however think of it as climate change, as many aspects of climate may change, not just temperature. There are likely to be more extreme climate events such as floods, storms, cyclones and droughts.

For more information visit:

What causes climate change?

The build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes temperatures to rise and changes to our climate. Carbon dioxide is released from burning fossil fuels for things like transport and heating. Other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide are emitted from landfills and agricultural activity.

In Auckland, transport makes up more than a third of our greenhouse gas emissions. The next biggest contributors are emissions from energy and industrial processes & product use.

What does climate change mean for Auckland?

To better understand how Auckland’s climate might change over the next 100 years, Auckland Council commissioned the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) to model and analyse Auckland-specific climate projections. For more information, please refer to the summary report and full technical report on Knowledge Auckland.

What is the timeline for the programme?