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Week One Wrap Up

Posted by Climate Action (Admin) Aug 8, 2018 Posted in Blog

It’s been an exciting week with the launch of the Ideas Hub at Firstly, we’d like to thank you all for so eagerly embracing the platform and helping to kick start the climate discussion in Auckland. So far our community numbers more than 40 members, with 30 ideas shared already. A particular shout out goes to Nitin Prasad for posting the very first idea on the platform, and to Leigh Nicholson, top of the leader board with 10 ideas shared so far.

We’re hoping to see this community grow larger over the coming weeks. Climate change will affect us all, so it’s important to have Aucklanders involved in shaping our response. To help us reach as many people as we can, we’d love for you to share the platform with your friends, family and wider networks.

There has been huge variety in the ideas shared, but a couple of themes have stood out so far. We’ve seen lots of support for a ‘greener’ Auckland – with ideas including green rooftops, green bus stops and vertical gardens. There have also been several ideas shared around renewable energy generation and electrification. These include powering schools with solar power, switching to electric buses, subsiding solar panels and encouraging self-sufficiency.

So what will happen with all these great ideas you are sharing?  We’ll be posting more challenges over the next few weeks and months. These challenges will form part of three stages in helping to develop Auckland’s climate action plan. We’re currently in the first stage – Vision & Ambition. The purpose of this stage is to build a shared vision of what a climate-ready Auckland looks like. We want to know what is important to Aucklanders. Would you like to see a greener Auckland? A better connected Auckland? More cohesive and resilient communities? A thriving green economy and green jobs? Perhaps all of the above and more. Let us know the kind of future you think we should be working towards. The ideas shared in this stage will help us define the vision for the plan, and will shape the focus and direction in which the plan develops.Steps in developing Auckland's climate action plan

The next step will be action development. These challenges will be asking for specific actions and ideas that can help us to achieve our goals. We’ll be discussing a broad range of topics ranging from buildings and infrastructure, natural environment, through to water, food, economy and communities. Here we’ll be aiming to develop solutions together to reduce our emissions and increase our resilience to climate change. The final stage will be action prioritisation. As much as we’d like to, we just can’t do everything. So we’ll have to decide which actions are most important to Aucklanders and will have the biggest impact towards achieving our goals. We’ll be asking you to vote on the ideas you support to help us find the best ones. These ideas will feed into workshops with technical experts and the best will make it into Auckland's Climate Action Plan - and will go from idea to reality.

Watch this space for more challenges coming soon. In the meantime, keep sharing your great ideas about where we should be heading and how fast we need to get there.

Thanks for being involved!

The Climate Action Plan team

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Comments (3)

Climate Action says... Aug 8, 2018

Thanks Nitin Prasad for posting the first idea on the platform, and congratulations Leigh Nicholson for being top of the leader board!

Nitin Prasad says... Aug 8, 2018

This is a great initiative and we really need more input, thoughts and ideas. I'm also keen to understand what will happen to the ideas posted here. Also looking forward to the next set of challenges too. Also keen to understand what's part of the action and development phase. 

Thanks and keep up the great collaborative approach. We really need more awareness and focus on our environment!

Climate Action says... Aug 9, 2018

Hi Nitin. Glad you are looking forward to the next set of challenges. We’re currently working on finalising the challenges for the action development phase, so we’ll be able to share more about that in the next couple of weeks. All ideas posted will be reviewed by our team for opportunities to input into the plan and during the next stages we’ll be introducing options on the platform to assess and prioritise them. We’ll be looking to develop the top ideas further alongside priorities coming out of technical workshops and other stakeholder engagement.

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