Auckland's Climate Action Plan

Auckland's climate is changing.

We need to take action.

You can help.

Find out how


We want your ideas

The Ideas Hub is where Auckland's climate solutions are generated and shaped. The Hub is a place to share ideas and work together on planning and building a climate-ready Auckland.
Auckland's climate is changing – and so is Auckland. What does ambitious climate action look like, and what does it mean for us? How do we prepare for impacts like extreme weather while also improving transport, making our homes healthier, greening urban spaces, and generating better jobs and opportunities?
There are some important decisions to be made. Help us make them.
Over the next few months we will pose a series of climate challenges. You can contribute by posting your ideas and solutions to each challenge. You’ll also have a chance to vote and comment on all ideas to help us identify the best ones.
We'll showcase the best and brightest ideas and contributors at events, workshops and media. The best ideas will make it into Auckland's Climate Action Plan - and will go from idea to reality.
Make sure to check in regularly to see what's new and how your favourite ideas are progressing.
Join us!